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about the site

This is a venture in identity. Hence the name. It's not a business, and I won't try to sell you anything here, so no .com.

But I'm not a non-profit either, so no .org.

It's a place for people to find out just who I am. At least as much as I want to tell them, of course.

So to start with, you get the resume. And links to work I've done, projects I've had a part in. That's for potential employers to find out who I am.

That's not the whole story, of course. Maybe there's more. You figure it out. Follow the links. Put the pieces together. No fun without a challenge, right?

It's also a place for me. A workshop, if you will, where I can try out new things, learn how to make them work. Internet projects, hence the .net.

So, a word of warning. You may find stuff unplugged, tools not put away in the right places, pieces without the edges filed down. In a perfect world it would be the kind of work I do when I'm working - alt tags on everything, clean code, clean styles, no broken links, portable, etc. etc.

But if it was a finished project, I'd have it somewhere else, nyet?

This site was Made with a Macintosh. I used Dreamweaver and Photoshop to build the raw materials, and I've hosted it on the New Dream Network.

Questions? Talk to me.